One of the best-hidden secrets of the block of HEART OF ATHENS is the impressive roof garden, a paradise of relaxation and carefreeness, with magnificent, unobstructed view to the formidable Acropolis on the one side and the Lycabettus Hill on the other side.

The cosmopolitan capital and its monuments of insurmountable historical significance that are spread in the historic centre create an excellent atmosphere with unique air of civilisation that will “touch” you as soon as you see the view from the roof garden.

It is


perfect scenery where you can spend beautifully every hour of the day.

Whether you wish to enjoy your breakfast while admiring the Sacred Rock and absorbing all its energy, or you prefer to relax while drinking a cocktail under the stars with the heavenly lit city literally just in front of you, the roof garden will become your ultimate shelter offering unforgettable moments of relaxation and entertainment to you and your company.

Families, companies, even businessmen on business trips will feel perfectly cosy by choosing the luxurious suites of HEART OF ATHENS in the centre of Athens, like they were staying in a luxurious apartment designed on the basis of comfort, luxury and high-quality accommodation.